Five Favorite TV Shows

Oh, hey Friday! I’m joining the Friday Fives linkup hosted by The Farmer’s Wife and September Farm! Here’s a quick list of my five favorite TV shows that I am super addicted to!

  1. Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this, and if you haven’t, get into it right now! The best thing about Netflix shows is that as soon as a new season comes out they release every episode. Perfect Binge watching.
  2. Girls on HBO. Ahh, I am so excited it just started up this past week! I have to admit I find Lena Dunham’s character Hannah so so so annoying and dumb. She brings up some great situations that twenty-somethings get into, and some that any twenty-something would never get into. I also think it is pretty much a more modern day, younger version of Sex and the City, albeit a lot less classy. See below.
  3. Game of Thrones on HBO. I’ve always been kind of into the fantasy and medieval times thing, so I’m glad others are finally catching up with me. I definitely could not get into the books which are in super tiny print and about 1000 pages. Nope. I also started watching the show which is expertly directly, has great visual FX, and amazing acting, so can anyone tell me why it would be worth it for me to read the books? There’s also tons of female empowerment in the show which I love.
  4. The Americans on FX. This is one of the few shows my boyfriend and I can actually get together and watch. It has great character building, there’s always something surprising around the corner and the new season starts super soon!
  5. You’re the Worst on FXX. Haha, so I swear I do watch more than just FX and HBO. But these really are my top five that I have already pre-programmed into my DVR to automatically record! This is a pretty funny and short tv show that comes on in the evenings. Basically primarily about relationships, the dating scene, and partying. This one I would say is like a mix of twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings. Pretty funny and I have a small crush on Chris Greer.

Do you share any of my favorite shows? What is pre-programmed into your DVR?

10 thoughts on “Five Favorite TV Shows

  1. I absolutely LOVE GOT – I can’t wait for the new season to start!! For now, I’m fully hooked on Scorpion – it’s awesome! It comes on tonight too 🙂 Have a great one and take care Alanna! -Iva


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