Oh, How I Love Group Fitness Classes


In contrast to the photo above, I actually hate running. My boyfriend dragged me to a handful of 5k’s this summer and I ended up feeling dead after the summer with a serious shin splint in my left leg.

I’m also terrible at motivating myself. I listen to that devil on my shoulder that says, “You’re ten minutes away from a full half-hour, let’s just leave now.” or “I’m cramping and there’s absolutely no way to push through this.” or “I want pizza right now.” However, I love when people motivate me. One of my favorite things, and the only reason I pay for a gym membership, are the group fitness classes. In addition, getting fit and going to the gym at least three times a week is one of my resolutions. I successfully completed the resolution last week but definitely won’t complete this week due to a work trip 😦

I’ve been an XSport Fitness member. I actually had a friend who worked as a trainer there and got me a corporate membership so I had no sign up fees and can cancel at anytime without having to pay out an entire year or any termination fees. I really like XSport more than any other gym I’ve been to in this area because they have tons of space, lots of brand new equipment, a pool, sauna, spa (which I was using when I used to tan), basketball courts, rock climbing walls, and more. In addition, you can always bring a guest with you for free which is super convenient if you have someone you like working out with.

Like I said previously, the main reason I go to a gym are the group fitness classes. I absolutely love them. I typically go to a range of a few different classes like Zumba, Body Pump, Cycle (aka Spinning, click the link to get to Sarah, my instructor’s, blog!), Boot Camp, Body Jam (recently has been replaced by Zumba), Insanity, and sometimes Pilates. Overall Zumba, Cycle, and Body Pump are my three favorites. Zumba gets your cardio really going! For a sixty-minute class I typically burn around 600-700 calories depending on the dance routine that my instructor takes us through. I also am learning how to have better rhythm which is always a plus. Body Pump by Les Mills looks extremely intimidating. It took me forever to go to the class because everyone rushes to pick up at least 10 items to workout with, but almost every instructor I’ve had has been super helpful and will help you set up and tell you which weights you should use. It’s addicting once you start. See below for a sneak peek.

I know there are a lot of people who get self-conscious at group classes or would prefer to work at their own pace, but for me they are perfect. I like group fitness classes for a number of reasons:

  1. Group motivation and camaraderie.
  2. The instructor pushes you.
  3. They keep you on a regular schedule.
  4. You learn new exercise routines.
  5. The instructor teaches you proper posture and technique.
  6. Give you ample time to warm-up and stretch (a downfall in my individual workout routine.)
  7. You can be social and make friends!

Sorry for such a wordy post!

Do you prefer to workout in group classes, with a partner, or by yourself? What motivates you?

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