Rememberlutions Jar

Okay, so I said my last post was going to be the last New Year’s post….but I lied. I had to post this because I’m proud of the fact I actually crafted something since being in a sorority and it’s really cute!rememberlutions mason jar craft

This is my one of New Years resolutions. I made this “Remember-lutions” jar. Decorate a mason jar to represent yourself & your life. But instead of saying I’m going to be healthier, diet more, workout more, etc…make it your goal this year to fill the jar with things you want to remember. Do thing that excite you, thrill you & make you happy. Then write it down & put it in the jar. At the end of your year you’ll have an entire jar filled with wonderful memories that you can open up on next New Years day.

Rememberlutions Jar

I also ended up getting a couple extra mason jars because apparently you can make tons and tons of crafts with them. I ended up making a cute candle jar with one of the other ones and I think I’ll try and craft the last one into a vase!Mason jar Candle Holder

H/T to Buzzfeed for the great idea!

6 thoughts on “Rememberlutions Jar

  1. I did that for 2013. It’s sooo worth it if you do it all the way to the end of the year, for me I started to forget that I had the jar around may/june so a lot of my 2013 memories have approximate dates lol but opening them all on NYE/day is just so fun.


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