God I Love Chick Flicks & Cash Giveaway!!

Recently I realized that I rarely ever watch chick flicks. Maybe it’s because I’m not a super girly girl or that I’ve had a boyfriend for a pretty long time and we tend to watch most movies together. And no, I’m not saying that boyfriends can’t watch chick flicks, it’s just that mine doesn’t. See below commercial. This is my boyfriend, except instead of accidentally showering with Summer’s Eve, it would be him walking in to see me watching a chick flick.

So I decided, screw this I need some goddamn chick flicks in my life. And I’ve cried in all of them.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. God the scene where Bailey….Don’t make me relive that moment again.

Bridget Jones’ Diary. Never. Gets. Old.

A Walk to Remember. Literally watched this on #NickMom late Tuesday night. I should probably be more embarrassed that I’m actually watching programming for mothers, but I’m not.

Love Actually. I felt that I needed to watch this due to the holiday season and the fact that pretty much every girl I work with is obsessed with this movie. I still don’t like it. Sorry not sorry.

The Sweetest Thing. I guess this is a bit more of a comedy than a true chick flick, but still!

I also added in a few girly TV shows. I caught up with Kourtney and Khloe’s lives. Had a sick day and watched a Sex and the City marathon.

So there you go, here’s my complete estrogen-filled post. Now, back to NickMom and ice cream (just kidding…only about the ice cream part)!

Last but not least here are the giveaway details!

New Year's Rocking Cash Giveaway


Prize: $500 (via Paypal)

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Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

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