6 Best Blog Tips for Beginners & Giveaway Announcement


Starting and kicking off a blog is slightly daunting. There’s tons opinions on how to start blogs and what/when you need to post but overall I think you just need to feel it out and see what is right for you. I actually had a blog way before this when I was in high school! I was super into it but got sucked into what other people wanted versus what it meant to me. In the end, I got sick of it after a year and quit entirely. Sorry followers. Coming back into blogging eight years later, the scene has entirely changed. I’m glad WordPress is still a popular blog platform because that is what I’m familiar with, but there’s a whole new addition of tumblr, squarespace, bloglovin, etc. It’s been really fun plunging headfirst into something new, seeing what else people like and what they write about (uh hello fitness and mommy blogs!), and how blogging has evolved. Below is a list of the most influential and helpful blog tips that have helped me acclimate myself.

  1. Why I Blog by Hello Rigby. A great starter post from one of my favorite bloggers. She’s actually a fashion/lifestyle blogger but even though I’m not huge on fashion she has a great voice. This post outlines some positives and negatives that come with blogging and gives a very personal take on why she blogs.
  2. The Secret to Successful Blogging by the Private Life of a Girl. Read it to find out!
  3. 10 Pieces of Advice for Starting a Blog by Jenny Purr. A MUST read for any and all new bloggers. I’ve actually “favorited” a ton of her posts, but this is probably one of the most helpful for new bloggers or people who are looking to start a blog soon. What I will say about this post is that I definitely do not have a manifesto. Frankly, I just start writing and see where it goes. I have tons of draft posts of ideas I started but didn’t have the inspiration to finish it and I’ll completely scrap a posts if I don’t like it. I’m still finding out what I like to write about and what people like reading the most but I’m sure I can build my manifesto by the end of next year. Maybe, we’ll see. ha, whoops sorry Jenny!
  4. Photography Tips from I Heart Organizing. Another addition to blog land that I never noticed when I was previously  blogging is the influx of photos and graphics! Even though I don’t have a fancy DSLR or a whole lighting system, this blog post gives some good information about taking (good or not so good) photos and how to edit them using PicMonkey and iPiccy (both free!). It also has a list of great apps to use on iPhone for photo editing.
  5. Blogging Tips: What I Wish I Had Known by Somewhat Simple. I really like #3. She mentions blog swaps (yet to do), Linkups (love them), and gets into social media for blogging.
  6. 11 Tips to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by Helene in Between. I have to admit that I am a person who is big on numbers and stats. It makes me want to post and share more if people are listening, so these tips are really helpful to get yourself out there.

I love all the beginning stages and getting to re-learn everything in a new way.

Do you have any great tips that helped you out as a new blogger? Or is there anything you disagree with? I’d love to hear back from you!

Lastly, check back later in a couple days for a cash giveaway opportunity!

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