If It Barks Martingale Collar Review

This is one of my favorite products that Starla has, it is her martingale collar from If It Barks.com. They have completely customizable collars, leashes, and accessories for dog parents! I found them when I was looking for a good martingale collar. If you don’t know what it is, they have a great video describing what it is and showing how it works, which is actually how I found them!

Not only do they have tons of styles, sizes, materials, and design features to choose from, you can always completely design a collar from scratch! I opted to go for a pre-set style that I was able to customize. I chose the “Layered Dance Party” martingale collar with a plastic buckle. I changed the base color to hot pink and added an extra D-ring so that I could put her tags on a separate loop from where I hook her leash to. Doesn’t she look stunning?

Martingale Collar

Right on that page, you also have the option to add on a matching leash or matching wrist chain! Price-wise, they are a great deal for all the customization you are able to get. Each add-on (extra D-ring, aluminum buckle upgrade, width, etc.) is a nominal fee of $1-2 more dollars. Overall the collar cost me $34 before shipping & handling.

Since customer service is a huge deal to me, I give them major props for being one of the best customer service I’ve had in a while! I had actually chosen a pre-set size based on their size chart and it was unfortunately too small for how the martingale collars work. I received an email back the same day from Nicole and they were more than happy to make a custom size collar for the exact measurement of my dog’s neck! I was able to get the right size collar within a week of the original shipment date.

I’ve now had the collar for two months and there is virtually no wear-and-tear on it. I’ve had to wash it a couple times but the collar is very sturdy and will most likely have a long lifetime with Starla. I have to say, I definitely will be coming back to them for more products in due time.

Lastly, they give great discounts! For the first person to comments I will give you a coupon code for 20% off your first order.

So let me know if you have any more questions about the product, martingale collars, or just to tell me how beautiful my dog is.


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