Rain in Winter should not exist

Let me say this again. Rain in winter should not exist. If you have ever lived in the DC metro area you know the craziness of the weather here. Like Katt Williams once said, specifically about DC might I add, “We need to talk about the m*therf*cking weather. You greedy motherf*ckers cannot have all the goddamn weather…I’ve been here 24 hours, it’s been hot, mild, rainy, cloudy, sleeting, snowing. This is bullsh*t. A pimp don’t know what to wear in this motherfucker. I’m in the hotel lobby with a fur coat, swim trunks, timberlands, and a umbrella, ’cause I don’t know what may happen in this raggedy bitch this evening.”

He’s so ratched but he’s so accurate. Not only does the weather change on a day to day basis, it changes on an hourly basis. Don’t even bother looking at weather channel. I’ve basically learnt to buy clothes that will work in all weather situations while still looking cute because you can’t just rock the rain boot look when it’s sunny outside.

My poor dog has also decided that she now wants to be an indoor dog. I’m pretty sure she will try using our bathroom soon.


I have actually even gotten to the point that I would just prefer it to snow. Snow here shuts everything down. I could work from home, my puppy will decide she likes the outdoors again, I would have an extra hour of my life to workout due to no commuting.

Also if you hate small talk or talk of weather, don’t move to this area. As a result of this crazy weather, the small talk about weather is extremely prevalent.


After all my bitching and moaning about the weather, I have forgotten about the fact that the holidays are upon us! Channukah starts in a week (haven’t bought any presents or found my menorah from storage…), I leave for my winter vacation in a week and a half, and I’ve only bought one Christmas present (not wrapped). Hmm, maybe this is why I need a snow day…Yikes!

Now off to go get presents…maybe. Ciao Ciao!

Last but not least, I changed my URL and name to something that makes a bit more sense to me. So if you were following the old URL on Blogloving or directly. Switch it to this one! https://alannaandco.wordpress.com or click this link Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

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