Daily Work Make-up Routine (and a little picture editing!)

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I’m pretty simple when it comes to makeup. I often keep to this simple daily regime but I’m really trying to start experimenting with more make-up while keeping a fresh and simple look.

1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. I always start with this daily moisturizer after washing my face. I have a pretty oily complexion and have to use anti-acne medicine daily but that in turn dries my skin out a lot! The Aveeno is a very thick formula that also has SPF and it keeps my skin hydrated and protected through the evening.

2. Dove Go Fresh Restore. I’m not sure about you but I tend not to wear perfume every day. Tons of my coworkers are super sensitive/allergic to perfumes and I really don’t feel like I need to impress anyone with tons of fancy smells daily. This Dove deodorant has a great scent to it and I often feel like I can just apply this and not need any perfume at all.

3. L’oreal True Match Naturale Foundation.So I’m really bad with picking foundations, blushes, or anything that I need to match with my skin color (any tips are appreciated!). This foundation is very simple and light. I usually only wear it during fall and winter when I’m paler and my complexion isn’t as even as it is when I’m tan. This also has SPF 19.  It comes with a built in brush, although I tend to use my own brushes. This foundation is great for me  because it truly doesn’t feel or look like I’m wearing foundation when I put it on but it does I great job covering up blemishes and evening out my skin tone.daily base makeup

4. Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Mascara in Glam Black. This product is tested, tried, and true! Beware there are tons of different options with this mascara. The one I use is the Glam Black washable. There is a cat-eye option which has an awful brush and did not work well with my eyelashes at all. This one that I use (pictured above) has a great plump brush and thickens without clumping! It is also pretty easy to remove with oil-free makeup remover. In addition, I always need to use my eyelash curler. I have long eyelashes that are very straight. The eyelash curler works miracles to make my eyelashes curl and look much longer.

5. Maybelline Line Express Eyeliner. This is a nice simple eyeliner that goes on easily and doesn’t look to harsh. I opt for pencil eyeliners since I wear contacts and the pencil is much better than gel or cream liners that can dry and flake into my eyes. This also has a great smudger that I use if I want to make a dark cat-eye that, again, isn’t too harsh.

6. Lastly, EOS lip balm. I rarely wear lipstick or gloss at work or during the days. This lip balm is great for dry, cracking winter lips. These are 100% natural so no artificial chemicals. Personally my two favorite flavors are strawberry and mint. Mint has a slight tingle to it too! My favorite part about these lip balms are they are super easy to find in my purse and they also have a flat bottom so they don’t roll off my desk like my other chapsticks.


What is your regular daily makeup routine? Like to keep it simple like me? In addition, I would love any and all pointers and suggestions for battling the winter!

Sidenote! I am working on my photo editing. My camera charger has gone missing so I apologize for the bad quality and lighting of the iPhone photos. I’ve been experimenting with PicMonkey and iPiccy. Can you tell which photos are from which? Thanks go out to Jen at IHeart Organizing, Helene at Helene in Between, and Zoe at SweetElectric for their tutorials!

3 thoughts on “Daily Work Make-up Routine (and a little picture editing!)

  1. Thanks for the cosmetic recommendations! I personally love and need the 100% natural items, so I’ll have to get the EOS lip balm next. And FYI, for some reason I can’t see the top image of all of your pages. Maybe it’s just me? It just comes up as a big, empty, white box.


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